Our Gallery

What's happening in GolfSmart ?? 

Our friend with Aerotech SteelFiber J series shaft ! Can you recognise the coach behind him ? 

The special made head cover for BFG fan Club! 

Our best selling shaft OBAN ! 

The junior lite weight shaft has born ! 

Our demo day

Another SteelFiber J series player ! 


November, 2014

The professional golf shaft puller. It's the same one using in most of the PGA Tour Van today ! It's now in GolfSmart Ara Damansara, Malaysia . 

Our new workshop assistant 2015 ! 

The solid looks : -)

October , 2014

OBAN KIYOSHI PURPLE with Callaway X2Hot woods

OBAN Tour Prototype with Gloire driver. Long....

Have you switch your shaft to the latest J series Aerotech SteelFiber ? Find out more from us today . 

It 's superb for TM Mini driver !

Look for this Puregrips Stand at your nearest fitting studio! Try the different grips today ! 

Thank you for all the mentors for their guidances ! Long waiting gift from states... Cheers!

Colourful grips ever ...

Cally Legacy Black Forged iron JDM model

Our champion on September

Callaway APEX PRO Forged iron with Nippon Shaft

The Limited unit of Cally Mini Staff bag 2014 just arrived...

The Studio new look...

TrackMan in action

May & June 2014

The latest RC BBD106V Forged Driver ! Fitted with the latest OBAN Tour Limited wood shaft ! This combination works awesome ! 

To go longer with TM SLDR driver ? The best choise is here ! 

Nothing better than this ! The latest SteelFiber J series iron shaft fitted on RC 706V forged iron head ! The J series shaft is just launched on 1 June 2014 ! 

GUESS what wedge shaft we have fitted on this awesome wedges ! 

The latest MRC  Diamana Thump wood shaft ! 

We have Tour issues cap here ! NOT for SALE yet ya... ; -)

April 2014

It Arrived in our studio now ~ !! Contact us for more Callaway custom fitting in Malaysia !! 

             A very good combination for those who seek for more powerful carry distance ! Our client hit this with average 275yrds carry distance at club KRPM Malaysia . Contact us for moe info about OBAN golf shaft & Callaway custom fitting in Malaysia . 

    The super friendly driver for all level of players .  With the combination of the latest Tour AD MT shaft ,
    this client is actually gained more than 20 yrds compare with his existing driver . For more info, please
    contact us at info@golfsmart.com.my for Tour AD performance fitting in Malaysia . Thank you !

    The latest OBAN KIYOSHI
    GOLD shaft with Callaway Alpha
    driver . It's smooth , long and good
    for distance control .

Looking for distance marker ?? Call us now ! : -)

The super pricey shaft for 3 wood . This combination worth >RM4xxx??  

     Always good to see new Fishy player in Malaysia ! Cheers ! 

The latest Veylix shaft  ! Made in Japan . 

Shaaban Hussin in action for OBAN golf shaft ! 

OBAN Kiyoshi Black !

Delivered the excellent results from Trackman ! 

Latest Titleist 714 iron with Steelfiber shaft !


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